NFL Week 16 Picks

Picks get easier as the end of the season approaches, if only because our picks trend toward each other instead of away. Once again we have very similar picks, especially if you remove our ‘automatic’ picks of the Cardinals for Pat and the 49ers for me. Fingers crossed for some amazing games this weekend – some of the losing teams have to be gunning for the playoff-aspiring opponents…

Week 16
Miami Pat Masha Bills
NO Pat Panthers Masha
Vikings Bengals Pat Masha
Broncos Pat Masha Texans
Titans Pat Masha Jaguars
Colts KC Pat Masha
Cowboys Pat Masha Redskins
Browns Pat Masha Jets
TB Rams Pat Masha
AZ Pat Seattle Masha
Giants Lions Pat Masha
NE Pat Masha Ravens
Raiders SD Pat Masha
Steelers GB Pat Masha
Bears Masha Eagles Pat
ATL 49ers Pat Masha