Hope Springs Eternal

Wrigley Field, June 2013

Wrigley Field, June 2013


I do very much love this time of year. We have the NCAA basketball tournaments wrapping up with the final four. Everybody’s brackets are busted, you know they always are. That’s what makes the tournament so great. It is always unpredictable and that is why we like to try to predict it. My wife is killing me on her brackets as usual. I am always all logical about my picks and that never works.

But the most wonderful thing about this time of year is the opening of Major League Baseball. Everybody is even and we start the long journey which is the MLB season. You can talk to fans of every team in baseball that can tell you why their team is going to do it this year. As they say, hope springs eternal. And it does for most baseball fans who, even if they may not pick the Cubs to win it all this year, are hoping for a much improved team moving towards a winning season so that sometime soon they can pick their team to win it all. The season is so long that you can probably name fifteen or more teams that you like to go to the World Series. That’s why the Cardinals eleven Championships since 1900 is the most in the National League. Once a decade average doesn’t sound that successful but it truly is.

I must admit there is one thing that has changed in April that I wish wouldn’t have and that is the NFL Draft. They have moved it about thirty days later into May. I guess I can wait but  I always looked forward to it just after the opening of Major League Baseball.


If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you know that Pat is a Cardinals fan and I am a Cub fan. Despite attempts at breaking away from the Cubs and embracing some other team (Rockies have been the most recent attempt), I still remain a Cub fan. And it’s a direct reflection of the title for today’s blog. Hope springs eternal. Much like walking away from a slot machine that hits big for the person right after you, walking away from the Cubs now seems like a bad idea. New owners, Theo Epstein’s magic, and a rebuilding farm system all contribute to a team on Opening Day that’s dramatically improved. Oh, I know, they still lost. But they looked better. Really, they did. Go Cubs. *sigh*

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