Pre-season predictions 2


I started with the NL Central, so in order of strength of division, I will go to the NLWest. It’s obvious that the Los Angeles Dodgers have the most money to spend in the NL West and are not afraid to spend it. I hate to pick the Dodgers to win the division, but I just have to. Take a look at the 5 starting pitchers, they are scary. I think they are a little weak at second and third base, but the outfield, shortstop and first base should be able to provide enough offense  for that pitching staff. It will be interesting to see what Puig’s second major season looks like and it sounds like Kemp is unhappy to be the fourth outfielder. How much trouble will he make in the locker room? But I do believe they have enough strong veterans in that locker room to take the NL West.

At number two in NL West, I have the Arizona Diamondbacks. It will be interesting how well their pitching holds up this year. I think shortstop is suspect, but they have improved their offense with Mark Trumbo in left field. Will Mr. Goldschmidt have another year like last year? Some questions and some answers, but this team is tough at home and I think they will compete for one of the wild card spots. Third in this division, believe it or not, is the Colorado Rockies. They have added Justin Morneau and Drew Stubbs for more offense and more depth and this offense should be amazing. The starting pitching actually looks pretty strong with De La Rosa, Chacin and Anderson as the first three in their rotation. The bull pen is a question mark, but I still think this team has improved and will finish third in the tough NL West.

I’ve got the San Francisco Giants in fourth, playing about the same as last year but with tougher competition. Bringing up the rear is the San Diego Padres who have done little to improve their team when the rest of the division have.