Week – 16 – WOW!


The second to the last week of the NFL season is upon us. The cool thing is that at least 10 games this week have playoff ramifications and only one division title has been decided.  The Colts have clinched because their division is terrible. I don’t think too many people expect much out of them in the playoffs. I think New England will take their division and the Broncos will take the West  just due to the tiebreaker against K.C. Lastly, I think Cincinnati will take the division and Baltimore may miss out on the playoffs completely due to playing New England and the Bengals the last two games.

In the NFC, it’s even crazier. I think Philly will win the East due to lack of competition in that division. Who knows who will win the North, there are three teams still in the mix there. In the West, Seattle seems to have control of the division with the 49ers having the first wild card. Arizona will be playing for their playoff life at the Seahawks, a very tall order.

They will all be competitive, compelling football games with a lot on the line.  I for one can’t wait to see how it comes out and how much will still be on the line in Week 17.


Love this part of the NFL season, and this year has proven to be a great guessing game for division winners. But, today I’m focused on tennis. Novak Djokovic has hired Boris Becker to be his ‘head coach’ with Marion Vajda still on the team, but with “more time for his family.” So my question is how do athletes know when they’ve peaked or when they’ve reached their optimal performance level? Novak and Marion are both saying that Becker will be able to help Novak continue improving “certain parts of his game.” Wow – what could that possibly be?

I understand that Djokovic dropped out of number one in the ATP World rankings, but it’s difficult to imagine that his game will be dramatically impacted by Boris. Now, if Becker has joined the team to give Djoker a mental boost and share some of that German mind-steel Becker was famous for, then I’m all for this. But is seems a bit disingenuous to focus on his physical performance, when, based on what I’ve seen in the last two years, he is at his own personal peak. Can Djokovic improve in the mental strength area, yes, although he has made leaps and bounds in this area from the days when he used to withdraw on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to seeing if Becker can have the same immediate impact on his player that Ivan Lendl did for Andy Murray. Should be a great Australian Open on January 13!