Playoffs worth coming home for?

Our location during the playoffs.

Our location during the playoffs.


So I picked the Bengals, Chiefs, Eagles and 49ers! One out of four is bad! That’s what I love about the NFL playoffs – you never know what will happen.  I can’t do much commentary on the games; we were out of the country, in paradise (see attached photo). So we did not get to see much football. The bad news is, we missed the first round of the playoffs. The good news is, we were in paradise! So, back to the playoffs. One of the few parallels between baseball and football is if you can just get into the playoffs, you have a legitimate shot at the big prize.  The Chargers just slid in the playoffs on the last day of the season. They are now in the second round and have played the Broncos and Peyton really tough. The Broncos got their heart broken last year after a first round bye loss to the Ravens. It is set up to happen again against the Chargers this year. But, I don’t think it will happen again; I think the Broncos will pull this one off. Broncos 42, Chargers 30. In the other AFC game, how can you ever pick against New England in the playoffs? I can’t, Brady will lead the Patriots to a 35-20 victory over the up and down Indianapolis Colts. In the NFC, I’ve got the 49ers winning on the road against the Cam Newton lead Panthers, 31-28. Should be a great game! Lastly, I have the Seattle Seahawks beating New Orleans at home again in another rout 40-20. Well, let’s see if I do better in this round.

This would provide great match-ups for the Conference Championships,  Seattle vs San Francisco and Denver vs  New England.


So excited for Sunday’s games – I know there is a question as to whether the Chargers should even be in the playoffs because of the missed call in the final game (which we also missed… anyone?). The NFL obviously decided to dismiss the guy’s suit and to carry on with the playoffs, so the Chargers are in. The Chargers had the Broncos number in the last regular season game, but the playoffs are a totally different mentality. Peyton can taste that Super Bowl ring and is going to have what’s left of the Broncos defense up to face Mr. Rivers, while he leads the offense to some mile-high magic. I think the score will be closer, with less scoring, Broncos 27-24.

Pagano says he’s got Brady’s number and Luck sounds like he’s figured out how to exercise his name, so I’m picking the Colts to beat the Patriots, 24-21. Now all the Colts have to do is actually play the way they obviously can, as opposed to playing the way they have too often this season. It also provides a much better post-game coach interview – more than Belichick’s 3 word answers.

Seahawks totally stop the Saints, in a rout, 33-14. ‘Nuff said, Who Dat nation.

Of course, I’m picking the 49ers, but I have to say that I’m worried. Cam Newton is fulfilling his destiny and I’m always afraid of the team of destiny. That team isn’t always the best team, but they are the luckiest. I believe that the Colts are the team of destiny this year but that’s based on oddly-written articles we read in French Polynesia about last week’s games. This could be Cam’s year, but I’m unfolding my 9ers t-shirt and holding out for Colin to run the ball like crazy and win the game, 27-21.

So much happened while we were gone, Black Monday, college bowl games, national championship game and now the hiring frenzy begins. More to come tomorrow on Australian Open, once the seedings are out this afternoon and we can see what’s happening in Sydney.