NFL Week 15 picks


We’ve been picking NFL games for a long time and betting our favorite things as a reward. This year, we changed the format a bit and went to a season-long total, rather than a week to week total. Here’s our Week 15 picks, and, to the best of my swiss-cheese memory, it is the only time we’ve selected only one game differently from each other. Thanks Romo, for making my pick the best ever…

Week 15
Chargers     Broncos Pat Masha
Redskins     ATL Pat Masha
49ers Pat Masha    TB
Seattle Pat Masha    Giants
Eagles Pat Masha    Vikings
NE Pat Masha     Miami
Bills    Jaguars Pat Masha
Texans    Colts Pat Masha
Bears Pat Masha      Browns
KC Pat Masha     Raiders
Jets      Panthers Pat Masha
GB Pat      Cowboys Masha
AZ Pat Masha   Titans
NO Pat Masha   Rams
Bengals Pat Masha    Steelers
Ravens   Lions Pat Masha
After tonight’s game, we’ll add the wins/losses into our total. Through Week 14, Pat = 124-83-1, Masha = 120-87-1. Oh, and a special thanks to Jerry Jones for being the best GM ever. (Wish there was a special font for sarcasm…)