Happy Birthday Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti at the Circuit of the Americas Hospitality Party 2012


When I was 15, my Dad decided to let me learn to drive a bit early. We would go out to Great Salt Lake and drive around on the dirt roads, him gently giving me direction on speed, control, and life lessons in general. Once I got my license, the control and life lesson stayed, but the speed advice faded. He started calling my by two names – A.J. and Mario. Now, I’m sure the monikers were meant to get me to slow down, but of course they had the opposite effect. I thought A.J. Foyt was one of the most amazing Indy car drivers I had ever seen, and who didn’t think Mario Andretti was a handsome man, no matter what he did. The addition of being a race car driver just made him all the more attractive.

And look at this guy – today is his 74th birthday and he looks dynamite. As a friend of mine would say, he’s a stone fox. Sigh…

So ask Pat, I still haven’t slowed down, as my many speeding tickets can attest, but I still like to be called Mario every once in a while, as long as it’s not Super Mario!