Friday soapbox spouting


Once in while I just have to get on my soapbox.  “According to sources,” the Media says, “Mack Brown will be fired Friday,” they said yesterday.  When it did not happen, there are no consequences for the reporter.  “According to sources,” says a reporter, “Saban is going to be the next head coach at Texas.”  When it doesn’t happen there are no consequences.  We have no idea if there are sources or if this reporter just wants this to happen.  This would be unethical and illegal!  It happens every day.  The only way to stop this is for the affected party to sue the media.  This practically never happens because it is almost impossible to win and the coach or player bringing the suit is accused of being against free speech.  The media can effectively say anything they want to about anybody, true or false, with no ramifications.  This needs to change. There needs to be somebody reviewing these practices and bringing the guilty parties to justice.  OK, off soapbox.

As for Thursday Night Football, San Diego upsetting the Broncos at home really muddies up the AFC playoff picture.  The Chargers are back in contention for a wild card birth and the Chiefs are back in the AFC West divisional race. This makes many games important this week.  But especially Monday night’s Baltimore vs. Detroit, which will have playoff implications.  I will enjoy watching the games!


I will agree that there seems to be much more speculation in the sports media than there used to be. Most of it is done without the addition of an “in my opinion” statement. Now, I’m not against speculation – that’s precisely what this blog is about. However, sports media in general seems to be driving the Mack Brown/Nick Saban truck much more than the viewing public. We just returned from a trip in Austin and no one was discussing Mack Brown’s job, they were talking more about the team’s performance. Unfortunately, the 24/7 media cycle drives some of this speculation – they’d have nothing to talk about if they stayed with “just the facts, ma’am.” So while I understand this drives you crazy, honey, I think this style of reporting is here to stay… I’ll just bring you a vodka when it really gets to you.