Jim Harbaugh’s new training method?

Jim Harbaugh and Siku the Walrus at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California.

Jim Harbaugh and Siku the Walrus at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California.

How do I not post this? Among the things I thought I would see Jim Harbaugh do, push-ups with a walrus never crossed my mind. Hysterical… Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure there’s a connection somewhere. 2200 pounds – that’s how much the walrus weighs, so it’s also brave/stupid? And one last thing – walrus breath has to be amazingly, um, fishy?

Go Crazy, folks, Go Crazy


It’s getting better all the time! So I’m watching Denver vs. San Diego and so far so good. I am now three for three and well ahead in the fourth! After my one and three debacle last week, I am starting to feel vindicated. The best news for me is that we have the the two top teams in the NFC West in the conference final. I’ve said all year that the NFC West division was the best division in football, and I think this proves it. I also think the division will be even better next year. I also said I just could not go against Bill and Tom in the playoffs and New England goes to the Conference championship again.

And now it is final and the Denver Broncos  make me a perfect four and nothing for the week. Manning against Brady to go to the Superbowl. Both of the Conference Championship games should be excellent games. I’m going to go ahead and pick one road team and one home team.  San Francisco 24, Seattle 17.  Denver 31, New England 24.  Should be a great Superbowl!


What a great group of games this weekend! My picks were not as stellar as Mr. Sports, but I do agree the best teams advanced – no real surprises in these games. I love that all of the games were well-played and exciting; let’s hope for an exciting Superbowl too! Superbowls can be a bit underwhelming on the game side…

We live in an area that supports one of the advancing teams, and the fans were already bat-crap crazy before the game this weekend. I can’t imagine what this week is going to bring in terms of craziness for the city. Businesses are already decked out in team colors, downtown buildings lit at night with team logos and colors, flags waving proudly on many vehicles, and of course the mandatory team colors worn by everyone out and about. What else could possibly happen to show even more team support?

There is one other little thing happening we’re watching – the 2014 Australian Open. Early rounds can be interesting in Melbourne because the weather is always a test and seeds seem to drop like crazy in this first grand slam. Venus Williams did well in the pre-Open tournaments, so it will be fun to watch her buzz-saw through some seeds that are assuming she still feels poorly.

Oh, and one last shot at the MLB investigation of A-Rod, now playing out on 60 minutes. Too bad we don’t have Mike Wallace doing the hard-hitting interview with Tony Bosch – he’s got lots of motivation to slam A-Rod if MLB gives him immunity. I’m not an A-Rod supporter by any means, but trial by media is becoming a concern for any public figure.

And does anybody really believe that taking down A-Rod polishes Bud Selig’s tarnished legacy? Pluh-lez…


Palm-sweating and excitement


Today is a bit bittersweet for me. Usually, we find ourselves sitting on the couch yelling at the TV, involved in mystery-named bowl games where we don’t really know any of the athletes. But we still yell and wonder about the state of BCS football. We wonder aloud when college will admit that they are the minor leagues for the NFL. We religiously watch the Rose Parade and the “big bowls” and argue the merits of who made the NFL playoffs. It is a week of sports overload, one game leading into another, a banquet of delights and amazement, with the spice of poor officiating.

But today is different. Today I just finished the final touches on packing for a vacation where there will be no internet, no TV, no wi-fi. Instead I have more insect repellant than I’ve ever owned at one time. I have moleskin for blisters I’m sure will form. I have hats, and sunscreen, and masks and fins and did I mention an excessive amount of insect repellant? And I’m excited for a wonderful vacation.

And I’m terrified. I’ve never been away from my smartphone/computer for more than 36 hours (yes, yes, I know, it’s good to unplug, no nagging here…). My palms are sweating at the thought of no internet connectivity. My internet sports addiction pokes at me with the glee of an apocalyptic zombie, tasting fresh meat already and knowing it can torture me before finally finishing me off. What? No ‘I’ll just google that guy,’ or ‘how many yards did he have last week?’ No NFL Mobile. No Sportscenter. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about this.

So Happy Chrismahanukwanzikah dear followers, and Happy New Year 2014. Next Sunday I’ll have my 49ers t-shirt on, coated in insect repellant. Pat will have his Arizona Cardinals Fitzgerald jersey on and we’ll be cheering to the sports gods that somehow we’ll learn a score or two before we return to the US.

See you all in January!