Pre season picks – 6, American League West


The final division to pick is the American League West. It may be the toughest one to pick. I feel that almost every team in this division has improved from last year. I don’t see the Mariners improving enough to take the division, but I do see them having a better season and making the West division very competitive. I’ve got the Rangers taking the division with the Angels and A’s fighting for Wild Cards. Only one of them will get the wild card. I would pick the Angels. The Mariners will finish a close fourth while making positive progress to becoming a good baseball team.

The Astros will finish last in this division, but they too will make progress toward being a much better club than they are now. This will be a very fun division to watch in 2014.  Everybody will improve making the divisional games very competitive. As bad as the Angels looked last year, I see Albert Pujols having a much better year and this whole club coming together to go after a wild card. I find it amazing that Billy Ball is alive and well in Oakland.  It is fun to see this team compete every year.


I agree that the Rangers will take the division this year, but I think the Mariners will improve enough to knock the A’s out of contention. I believe the Mariners will take the Wild Card. The Mariners have made some astounding moves over the off season, Robinson Cano is just the tip of the iceberg. And I believe Lloyd McClendon is a good enough manager to pull this talent together. Mike Scioscia will be fired by the Angels after yet another disappointing season full of injuries; with apologies to my cousin the Angels fan…