MLB Winter Meetings

We’ve spent years talking about sports on our couch and now we’re looking to share these discussions (read: arguments) to the web. That’s what this blog will be about – our current ideas and what we’re talking about. We’ll also share our ongoing sports bets (we only bet with each other…) and our predictions, made from the fan’s view distilled from the media stream that is sports announcing today.


Baseball winter meetings give us a chance to make some predictions and argue about money. This was an interesting year since so much activity happened prior to the winter meetings; several big deals hinted toward big movers for next year.

The Mariners are tired of languishing in the AL, trapped in a time zone that captures a narrow base of MLB fans. The Cano deal was huge for them and I think they will make a couple of additional moves to bolster their strong pitching.

This year, several free agents in the mix have the steroids specter haunting them. The teams they’re on are eager to share with the desperate teams who just need something, anything to help them win. Nelson Cruz will not be with the Rangers next year, despite being a big hitter they rely on in a pinch. Nellie served his 50 game penalty and so in theory has no other issues outstanding (that we know of…), but Ron Washington needs a successful year and Cruz doesn’t look to be in that lineup.

I think Nellie is going to the Mariners, a strong bat to protect Cano and give them an outfield option.


This is my favorite time of year for the MLB.  It’s fascinating to see who’s looking to make big moves to contend next year, and what they believe they need to accomplish it.

It’s fun to see the Yankees in a big mess.  Though they have lost some big players and signed a couple also, until the A-rod situation is sorted out, nobody knows what they will look like next year.  Good look Yankees!

It’s good to see teams like the Mariners make big moves to contend in the AL West.  I agree with Masha that Cruz will probably end up there too.  Choo would be the best move for the Rangers, which could make the AL West a very tight race next year.

Some of the smaller moves can also make big improvements for some teams.  Trumbo to the D-backs could help their offense a lot.  The Rockies are working on pitching and depth.  I predict the NL West will be much improved and much more competitive next year.

Stay tuned for more as the Winter meetings progress and finish, many more big and small deals will be made and Masha and I will try to figure out who did well and who did not.